ISTAT Foundation Grant Supports Pilot Simulator Training

Written by: WRHS, 30 Jan 2019

ISTAT Foundation Grant Supports Pilot Simulator Training

Every year, pilots across the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service in Northern NSW undergo flight simulator training as part of their advanced training and development. This essential training comes at a significant, but necessary, cost to the Service, which is where the generosity of The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT Foundation) has been greatly appreciated.

In late 2018 the Service was awarded a $10,000 grant by the ISTAT foundation to contribute towards our pilot training program, allowing us to ensure the communities of Northern NSW continue to get a world-class aeromedical service.

Flight simulator training is a valuable resource for our Operational Crews, providing :

  •  Risk-free introductionof flight challenges, systems problems, difficult or unusual flightmanoeuvres, poor weather conditions, etc;
  • Risk-free introductionof emergencies and systems failures;
  • Cost-effectiveness – savings in crew time, fuel, maintenance to aircraft, and environmentalimpact;
  • The simulator is readilyavailable for training, it is not dependent on tasking or weatherconditions, does not require a full flight progression (pre-flight,take-off, flight, landing, post-flight), but permits repeated practice ofa particular stage of flight, such as an ILS (Instrument Landing System)approach;
  • Relieves instructor from flightduties & safety considerations; &
  • Permits crew to make errors andlearn from mistakes without risk.

The support of organisations such as the ISTAT Foundation to continue delivering this program is of great benefit to our ongoing operation.

The ISTAT Foundation was founded in 1994 to support individuals and institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and humanitarianism. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Services delivers aeromedical search, rescue and inter-hospital transfers to care for communities across Northern NSW, providing a vital humanitarian service to our Community. 

For more information about the ISTAT Foundation you can visit their website