Helicopter Housie


Cash Housie was established in 1989 and it is one of the most successful and sustainable forms of fundraising for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

Over 1,600 people play Cash Housie every week at one or more of our sessions in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Manning, Mid North Coast, Central Coast and New England-North West regions.

Cash Housie is conducted in registered clubs which is very cost effective for the Service. The host clubs provide extremely generous support in terms of staff, raffle prizes and regular promotions of Cash Housie and Big Bucks Bingo events. 

The Service conducts over 32 Big Bucks Bingo sessions each year with huge prize money on offer including 4 x $500 cash Jackpots. It’s the support from our host clubs that enables the Service to continue providing the best possible Cash Housie sessions for our players. 

For your chance to win some of the big prize money on offer and to support the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service check our Housie Timetable and follow the links provided for more information.

Weekly Sessions

Download the pdf to print here: Helicopter Housie Sessions   


Each session offers 4 @ $500 Jackpots

  • Thursday 5 January at 11am – Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club
  • Thursday 12 January at 11am – Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
  • Tuesday 24 January at 11am – West Tamworth League Club – During Tamworth Country Music Festival
  • Friday 24 February at 11am – Club Maitland City
  • Thursday 9 March at 11am – Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
  • Wednesday 22 March at 7pm – Club Maitland City
  • Wednesday 5 April at 7pm – West Tamworth League Club
  • Friday 7 April at 11am – Club Maitland City at 11.30am – Panthers Port Macquarie  


Housie Facts

  • The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service has been conducting Cash Housie sessions since 1989.
  • Cash Housie raises over $600,000 for the Service every year. We are recognised by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) as one of the most experienced and professional Cash Housie operators in NSW.    
  • Housie is a game of chance like Lotto, but with numbers called instead of drawn.
  • Housie, or Bingo as it is commonly known, may have come from an Italian Lottery game, “Lo Giucco Del Lotto Ditalia” which originated in 1530 and is still played today.    
  • Housie is played in every continent and in 90% of the world’s countries.
  • Research indicates that Housie players think faster, are more alert and able to stay focused for long periods of time compared to non-Housie players.

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